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The City Clerk's Office of Records and Information division is responsible for the care and custody of all official records for the City of Irvine.  Our goal is to provide prompt access to public records and information for both the government that creates them and the citizens it serves.

Please note: Beginning Monday, May 20, 2024, the Office of Records and Information will be closed on Fridays. Normal business hours will be Monday through Thursday from 7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

The City of Irvine utilizes OnBase, an electronic content management system for the capture, storage, and retrieval of City records by City staff and the public.


To find documents, select one of the two search types available below.


For a Basic Search, select the BASIC SEARCH button. This search type allows you to search for keywords under a specific type of document. For example, you can search for a Building Permit using the address, permit number, or keywords fields.

For a Advanced Search, select the ADVANCED SEARCH button. This search type allows you to search for words or phrases contained within a document. Additionally, you can further limit your search by using keywords. A full text score will display next to each search result and rank the most relevant documents on top based on your search criteria. For example, you can search for a Contract using the keyword "records" and the word "software" in the Search Term field.


In accordance with the California Public Records Act (California Government Code § 7920.000 et.seq.), public records are open for inspection at all times during regular office hours. Any person may request to inspect and/or copy a public record, excluding records exempt from disclosure by law. In most instances, copies may be provided upon request, unless additional time is required for research and records retrieval. In such cases, the City will respond to your request within ten (10) days of receipt. All document duplication fees are based on the City's current fee resolution (City Council Resolution No. 19-34). The City will provide the records electronically whenever possible.

If you are unable to locate a document, please contact the Office of Records and Information at 949-724-6281 or complete one of the following forms:

  • To request non-Public Safety records, please click here
  • To request Public Safety records, please click here.
  • To request copies of Police Reports, please click here.


Click here to learn more about commonly requested records.


For any questions or assistance with searching, please contact the Office of Records and Information at 949-724-6281 or by email at irvinequickrec@cityofirvine.org.